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Laura Mercier Signature Colour Essentials for Face, Eyes & Lips: Review and Swatches Part 2

Today I'm reviewing the primer and the palette of the Laura Mercier Collection.

Actually, I never used a foundation primer because I didn’t see the need for it. To date I never had the requirement that my make-up should stay the whole day.  I tried it yesterday and applied this primer under my foundation and after removing it in the evening, after 10 hours weartime, there was a little bit more left in the cotton pad than when I didn’t used it. But I’m not sure if this made a huge difference. The primer feels light on the skin, a little bit like a moisturizer. I wonder how the oil-free version would feel because this one is so lightly. I waited some minutes to let it dry before I applied my foundation. The surface is a little bit smoother than when I don’t use one and with it the foundation applied a little bit easier. But these are such small differences that it is not encouraging me to repurchase it.

Comparison swatches with Benefit That Gal (second) and Smashbox Photo Finish (third):

The eye shadow and blush palette is made in neutral colors that should suit many complexions. The two duo eye shadows as well as the blush can be removed from the palette to create your own custom made palette. I made two swatches in different lighting and in the photo below I applied primer under the shadows. In real life they applied a little better, but as you can see they lean more on the light side. The first color is the blush folled by the eyeshadows in order of appearance in the palette.

The blush called “Vintage Pink” is a dusty rose and it goes on sheer. It goes on smoothly and you can build up the color.  The wear time is good, when I take my make-up off there is still color on my cheeks. 
The first eye shadow duo contains the colors “Morning Dew”, a matte creamy white and “Primrose”, a soft rose with champagne sparkles. “Morning Dew” could be easily duped in my opinion as any brand produces creamy white eye shadow. “Primrose” is indeed a really nice color which is perhaps not unique but not so widespread. 
The second eye shadow duo contains “Topaz”, a satin taupe, leaning more on the brown side, and “Kir Royal”, a deep plum with fine pink sparkle.  “These two shades also seem pretty common to me. As you can see the colors are supposed to create a neutral eye with the opportunity to add some more drama when applying “Kir Royal”. The texture of the eye shadows is a little bit better than the blush, since they do have a good color payoff, although “Kir Royal” isn’t a true to pan color applied once or twice, and they apply easier. They last on me all day and do not experience problems of creasing unless my eyes are watering strongly. 

Let’s see how much I would have paid for the single items:
  •           Foundation Primer in Deluxe Sample Size: 18$
  •           Blush in full size: 24$
  •           Two eyeshadow duos: each 22$ (my duos only have 0.4 g less than the individually sold ones so I don’t take that in count)
  •           Lip Glacé: 24$
  •           Caviar Stick: 24$
  •           Mascara: 12$ (it is half size)
  •           Brush: 30$ (original size)

Total: 176$ (vs. 80$ paid incl. tax)

I’m pretty happy with my purchase. The palette is ideal for holidays and weekend trips because it doesn’t take a lot of space and it is light weighting. You have some shadows to create a neutral eye and you can always take a bold color with you to pimp your look. The Caviar Stick is at the moment my go to eyeliner. It compliments my blue-grayish eyes and I like the depth of color which is created by the tiny sparkles in it. I love the mascara which survives some watering and the Lip Glacé was a really nice experience although it won’t change my mind about glosses and I probably wouldn’t purchase another because either way it leans on the sheer side. I don’t have so much use for the primer but who knows if I’ll need it once. The brush is nice but I wouldn’t have purchased it because I don’t use such brushes regularly as I rarely apply one base color all over. I would definitely recommend this set as an affordable way to try some products of the brand and would like to try other products from Laura Mercier, now.

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